Vintage Porcelain Over Cast Iron Sink


Vintage Porcelain Over Cast Iron Sink<BR><BR><a><font color="#000000">Sold!</font></a>
Item# KSC23

Product Description

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Porcelain over cast iron farm sink. The sink seen in the picture is not the sink for sale, but the one for sale is in the same condition as the one in the picture, excellent. The pictures we were sent are too big to fit the software. Please let us know if you'd like to see them and we will email you pictures of the actual sink.

The sink's dimensions are 30"L X 20"D. It has a 14" back splash and the basin reaches a depth of 5 inches. It accepts an 8" center spread faucet.

The sink is in excellent condition and is being sold as is for $895.00.

You may purchase a fixture via email or over the telephone. See our Crating Page for crating information. Unless a fixture will be picked up by the customer or the customer's proxy, it will need to be crated.

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