During the past 30-40 years, most of the vintage sinks and bathtubs once found in all homes have been removed and thrown away. More than likely there was nothing at all wrong with the removed items. They were simply no longer in style. When contractors renovated, old sinks and tubs were rarely salvaged, instead they were demolished and forever lost.

Times change. Old becomes new.

Like our customers and those who contact us with items for sale, the team at This Old Tub and Sink wants to see as many timeless antique bathtubs and sinks as possible survive to serve another generation.

To that end, we have developed a consignment service.

Since we have to inspect an item before listing it on the web site and then pick it up once it sells, we only accept items for consignment that are found 60 miles or less from Boston.

Here's how it works.

An owner of a vintage fixture offers us the item for consignment. If we feel the item will sell, we offer to list it on our site. If and when the item sells, the seller and This Old Tub and Sink split the selling price fifty/fifty.

Bear in mind that a bathtub or sink could sell in a week, or it could take months. We never know.

The seller is never under any obligation to hold the item for any period of time. We only ask that if the seller sells the item without our assistance, he or she lets us know so that we can remove it from our site.

This Old Tub and Sink is responsible for listing the item on the site, serving as conduit between buyer and seller, providing shipping cost estimates, processing the sales transaction, and arranging crating and shipping.

The owner of the sink or tub is responsible for storing the item until it sells.

If you would be interested in participating in such a consignment arrangement, please let us know.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and contractors with vintage bathtubs and sinks for sale to display them in front of an interested group of buyers.

Please contact us for additional information.

If you have the place to stow it, we have the place to show it.

Thank you for your interest.

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